27 May 2014

High-Tech Cybertecture Egg Office Building

James Law has designed a different office building commissioned by Vijay Associate. This project is entitled Cybertecture Egg and is supposed to be completed by the end of this year. The Cybertecture Egg is a Cybertecture building that brings together iconic architecture, environmental design, intelligent control systems, and evolutionary engineering to create the most innovative building for the city of Mumbai and for India in the 21st Century. It comprises 33,000 square meters of office space stacked in 13 stories with highly intelligent building management systems and 3 levels of basement providing 400 car parking spaces.

The Cybertecture Egg adopts a diagrid exo-skeleton, which creates a rigid structural system and thus allows for huge spans of column-less floors. Everything about this ridiculously high-tech office building is cool. A sky garden for “thermolysis” – a natural process where growing plant dissipate heat from the building, cooling it naturally; PV farms for electricity source providing; Water recycling system to recycle up to 20% of the water supply consumption. Moreover, advanced systems as intelligent glass facade, underground water cooling system, building management systems are all equipped so that inhabitants inside will enjoy a perfect environment.

There are tons of perks for people who will be working in this building. Office workers will be allowed to customize the views from their desk to show anywhere in the world and see real-time scenery from across the globe. Innovative health monitoring systems will also be installed in all the bathrooms that will keep track of worker’s blood pressure and weight, and if there are any significant changes a doctor is automatically notified. Maybe a touch invasive, but it seems like the architects have their hearts in the right place when it comes to looking out for the office workers.

17 May 2014