28 April 2009

[Draft] MS Mail Exchange - Tận hưởng Dịch vụ mail không có spam, cực nhanh và dung lượng không hạn chế với nhiều tính năng rất hay

Em thử liệt kê tạm ra đây để bác nào thích thử nghiệm thì làm nhé. Hồi đầu em ngồi cấu hình thì cũng mất 1-2 ngày.
I. Phần mềm/phần cứng cần thiết:
1. Đĩa MS Exchange 2007
2. Đĩa GFI MailEssential for Exchange
3. Đĩa MS SQL 2007
4. Đĩa Windows Server 2003 hoặc 2008, Đĩa diệt virus cho server và mail server.
5. Máy chủ không cần nhanh lắm nhưng còn ít nhất 30GB đĩa cứng trống
với 1Gb ram có thể đập đi cài lại làm server. Recommend là 100GB và 4Gb RAM.
6. Đường ADSL hoặc Lease line Internet (IP tĩnh hoặc động)
(Tổng thiệt hại khoảng 500 đồng Obama)
II. Cài đặt
1. Cài đặt Windows Server, nhớ chọn đầy đủ services là DNS và Active Directory. Cấu Hình DNS, Active directory cho giống với tên miền mà bạn muốn sử dụng. Thí dụ mycompany.com.vn
2. Cài đặt SQL Server
3. Cài đặt Exchange
Sau khi cài đặt xong exchange, bạn đã có một mail server của riêng mình, công việc bây giờ là cấu hình để gửi và nhận mail.
- Cấu hình Default SMTP Virtual Server trong Exchange để forward mọi mail gửi trong mạng nội bộ đến mail nhà cung chấp
- Thêm username cho các mail tương ứng trong mycompany.com.vn
- Cấu hình Exchange để mở đường link Mobile Outlook Access.
4. Cài đặt Mail Essential
- Cấu hình để tự động Pop2Exchange lấy toàn bộ thư từ tài khoản bên ngoài và đẩy vào hòm thư Exchange.
5. Cài đặt thêm chương trình diệt Scam/Virus như Mc Affee Antivirus for Exchange Server
6. Cấu hình Modem Adsl để forward địa chỉ IP hoặc đường link Mobile Outlook Access ra ngoài internet (Nếu có IP tĩnh thì không cần thực hiện bước này.
7. Tận hưởng Dịch vụ mail không có spam, cực nhanh và dung lượng không hạn chế với nhiều tính năng rất hay của Exchange.

Các bác làm nếu vướng chỗ nào thì ới em ạ.

List of Blackberry Programs

I have taken it upon myself to create a new list of popular Blackberry apps/programs/games/links/etc. The old thread was from Feb 28, 2008. Although it had been updates near the end of Febuary 2009, it is still not good enough in my opinion.

I have removed some text to keep it under the 20k char limit.

(OTA) - Over the Air download to your Blackberry device by clicking this link
(DDL) - Direct download to your PC to install through Blackberry Desktop Manager
(WEB) - REMOVED - To conserve text limit.

If the creators of any programs wish their links to be removed or modified, or have an official description (not too long) that they wish to use, please contact me.

Please let me know if there are any errors in my links or if there are updated versions.


Now entering Blackberry Programs Rough Draft v0.1

Blackberry Enhancements
Capture It (OTA)
-Capture It is an application designed to help fellow developers and Blackberry users share a picture of their screen with ease.
QuickPull (OTA) (DDL)
-QuickPull, a FREE tool that frees memory quickly by simulating a "battery pull" soft reset. QuickPull is extremely easy and convenient to use.
Shrink It (OTA)
-Too big to send? Too small to keep? Too lazy to change your camera setting? ShrinkIt lets you downsize your picture while keeping the original.

Bolt Browser (OTA)
-A free downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience. Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style web pages and rich media applications .
Opera Mini 4 (OTA) (DDL)
-Full Web: Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Fast: Faster mobile internet as data is compressed before being sent to your phone. Free: Opera Mini is free to download. It is the definitive mobile web browser.

Gmail App

Fun & Games
FMyLife (OTA) (DDL)
-Basically a fancy feed reader of stories from website fmylife.com
Pacman (OTA)
-The clasic game we all love.

Beyond411 (OTA)
-Beyond411 is the fastest way to look up business listings, driving directions, and web pages on your Blackberry. It can even search based on your exact location using GPS.
Poynt (OTA)
-Meet Poynt, a free local search service that connects you to businesses, retailers and movie theaters where and when you need them. Can also search based on GPS location.
TV Guide Mobile
-Find out "what's on TV" right on your mobile phone from America's #1 television authority. Get television listings, movie reviews, entertainment news, watch lists, favorites and much more.
Viigo (OTA)
-Viigo is a free software application for your Smartphone giving you access to News, Sports, Weather, Facebook, The Web.

-amAze is a first of its kind free navigation and local search service. It is free to download and use and it contains wide coverage of maps including aerial photo in Europe, North America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. Offers Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Voiced Directions.
Google Maps (OTA)
-Googles own mapping program. It's alot of people's favorite choice for a free quick mapping program. Everyone should know what it is.
Live Search Mobile (OTA)
-The best way to find key local information when you're on the go. Whether you're traveling for business, shopping around town, or planning your night out, you can quickly find businesses and restaurants, get turn by turn driving directions, and view it all on interactive maps.
-With Nav4All you can navigate worldwide on your own mobile phone in North America, Brasil, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, Australia and soon in China as well. Updated daily with new streets and other information.

AOL Instant Messenger (OTA)
-Get the most out of the AIM service, whether you use it sparingly or are online all day.
BeeJive (OTA) (DDL)
[Free 30-Day Trial | $19.95 Device License | $29.99 User License]
-BeejiveIM is the most reliable and user-friendly mobile IM application on the market for BlackBerry handhelds, featuring desktop-like instant messaging and always-on efficient networking.
[Requires a free Instango Account]
-Instango is instant messaging for your mobile phone. Communicate with your friends anywhere, anytime. For free.
Google Talk
-Chat with family and friends over the Internet for free. Now over your mobile phone.
IM+ (OTA) [url="http://shapeservices.com/en/products/download.php?product=im&deviceid=1156"](DDL)
[Free 7-Day Trial | $49.95]
-Chat with all your favorite IM accounts in one client. In the IM Push™ mode send and receive IMs as emails and save precious battery life!
MSN Messenger (OTA)
-Self explanatory
Ramble IM (OTA) (DDL)
-Ramble allows users to access the AOL Instant Messenger network.
-Get Business-Class Mobile Instant Messaging for a price that makes great business sense: Free.
Yahoo! Messenger (OTA)
-Stay connected with your Yahoo! IM friends right from your mobile phone.

ABC News (OTA)
-Now ABC News is only one touch away on your BlackBerry Smartphone!
Associated Press (OTA) (DDL)
-Access news from the Associated Press from your Blackberry Smartphone Device.
-We know that you can't always be near your computer to get the news. Now, you can get CBC News to go.
-Real-time stock quotes from NYSE & NASDAQ | CNBC Top Business News Stories | Currencies, Commodities, Bonds, and Top Indices
-Stay connected with the world through CNN's mobile news services, available wherever you are.
Fox Mobile (OTA)
-Be the first to know with Fox News Alert. When news breaks, the icon changes color and pushes the latest headline directly to your home screen.
New York Times (OTA)
-Get immediate access to Mobile NYTimes.com or DealBook with this downloadable shortcut tool. Whether you're at home or on the go, your BlackBerry can be your personal link to continuous news, information and entertainment from The New York Times.
USA Today (OTA)
-USA TODAY news and information is available on virtually any mobile phone or handheld device. Let USA TODAY Mobile be your window to the world, anywhere you go, any time of day.
Wall Street Journal (OTA)
-Get Anytime/Anywhere access to The Wall Street Journal news with this customizable application. Automatically updates your phone with critical news, market moves, and in-depth analysis of game changing global events, even offline
Washington Post (OTA)
-Take The Washington Post with you throughout your day on your mobile device. It's all the news and information you want and need - updated and available to you wherever you have mobile access.

BeamReader (OTA)
[Free 10-Day Trial | $18]
-The wait is over...First full fidelity native PDF Reader for Blackberry is finally here!
Mobipocket (OTA) (DDL)
-Do you read emails on your Blackberry? Why not read ebooks and enews? Download the free Mobipocket eBook Reader on your Blackberry, and enjoy the reading experience. The online eBookstore is also integrated: find and start reading your favorite stories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, straight from your Blackberry!
Wattpad (OTA)
-Read what you like. Share what you write. The world's most popular ebook sharing community.

RSS Readers
NewsGator (OTA)
[Requires a free account for managing feeds on various devices.]
-NewsGator Go! gives you the ability to track and manage all your RSS content on your mobile device in sync with your PC. Get news, sports, entertainment and other information delivered to your Blackberry.

Social Networking
MySpace (OTA)
-MySpace is a place for friends. MySpace is Your Space. MySpace keeps you connected.
Facebook (OTA)
-Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
-Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Let us show you why! Upload images to Flickr straight from your Blackberry device.
Twitterberry (OTA)
-TwitterBerry is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the data network, so you don't need to use SMS.
Shozu (OTA)
-Upload Anywhere, Any Time. ShoZu means you can share the moment, be it photos or video or a blog. You can send your stuff to friends and family, email or social networks as simply as pressing the button.

ESPN Mobile (OTA)
-Now ESPN is only one touch away on your BlackBerry® smartphone! Download an ESPN icon onto your home screen for free. When clicked, this icon launches you directly to ESPN.mobi for all the latest news and scores.
Hockey News (OTA)
-Enjoy the insight, stats and coverage of exclusive commentary and breaking hockey news. Stay ahead of the curve and hear it here first. Get in the game faster than Chara's slapshot!
MLB Mobile (OTA) (DDL)
-Get faster access to MLB scores, news, and more wherever you go! This downloadable application places an MLB.com icon on your BlackBerry® which takes you directly to the MLB.com Mobile Web site with a single click.
Sports Illustrated (OTA)
-Get access to the latest news, stats, scores, and SI writers.

Streaming Media
ComedyTime (OTA)
-With Comedy Time for BlackBerry you can now stream the funniest videos right to your phone.
iheartradio (OTA)
-Your Blackberry is now a radio. Listen to 150+ stations.
Flycast (OTA)
-FlyCast is a FREE service that gives you what you really want – portable music and talk radio that's better than Satellite radio, easy to use, and works on the device already in your pocket.
Live365 (OTA) (DDL)
[Free 5-Day Trial | $24 for 3 Months | $42 for 6 Months | $72 for 12 Months]
-6000+ Internet Radio stations run by real people, not generated by computers or focus groups.
Nobex Radio Companion (OTA) (DDL)
-See what's playing, hear what's playing, get what's playing! Listen to over 1000 radio stations around the world and see the playlist of over 2700 radio stations.
nuTsie (DDL)
[Free Trial | $19.95]
-nuTsie: It's like having an iPod built right into your BlackBerry... only better. nuTsie "learns" what music you have in your iTunes, and then streams that music from its servers. No sideloading or uploading of music required. nuTsie does NOT stream from your computer.
Pandora (OTA)
-It's a new kind of radio - stations that play only music you like. Enter an artist or song you like and it will create a radio station featuring similar music.
Slacker (OTA)
-Listen to Slacker on your BlackBerry Smartphone! You can even store stations on your memory card for enhanced performance and to listen when there isn't a wireless signal. The app and the service are free!
-With VMBC.TV for BlackBerry you can now enjoy some of best video entertainment right on your BlackBerry. You now have access to music videos, movie trailers and star interviews, wild action sports and our hot dance clips!
XM Radio Mobile (OTA)
[Free 14-Day Trial | $8 per Month]
-Listen to the best of XM Radio right on your BlackBerry! Whether you're on the go or just sitting back and relaxing, XM Radio Mobile offers the best commercial-free XM music channels delivered directly to your phone.

BBtran (OTA)
-BBTran is an easy-to-use on-line multi-translation application that helps users to translate words, phrases and does a dictionary lookup. BBTran supports more than 40 languages and more than 1000 directions of translation. BBTran acts as a universal tool that consumes different on-line services such Google Translate, Systran, FreeTranslation, Reference.com and that's why gives user ability to see alternative translations.
Navita - Translator (OTA)
-Navita BB Translator is a translation and dictionary client application developed for BlackBerry® smartphones. Translate words, phrases from e-mails as well as from the BlackBerry Browser or typing in the software. The Navita BB Translator currently supports English, Portuguese and Spanish interfaces (depends on the language set in your BlackBerry) and translates from 6 to 6 (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian) languages.

Voice Programs
TellMe (OTA)
-TellMe is the fastest way to get the info you need when you're on the go. Simply say what you want and get it.
Vlingo (OTA)
-Vlingo allows users to speak into their device and have many popular applications carry out their respective functions. This includes dialing your phone, sending an email or SMS, creating and saving a memo or task, opening a web browser and performing a web search, composing a social-networking status message and more.
VR+: Share Your Voice (OTA) (DDL)
[Free 7-Day Trial | $19.99]
-With VR+ you can edit your voice messages. You will not find editing option in a native voice recorder. Using VR+ you can paste one record as a part to another, continue the record after some time, etc. Sending voice messages to other users directly in MP3 format is a unique feature of VR+.

BBWeather (OTA) (OTA-S)
-One of the first weather apps for the blackberry.
WeatherBug Direct (OTA)
-Get live, local weather from any of our more than 8,000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations around the U.S., plus live temperature and local forecasts — direct to your BlackBerry. Get WeatherBug Direct for BlackBerry today — Free!
WeatherEye (OTA)
-A weather program powered by The Weather Network
Y! Weather (OTA) (DDL)
-A simple weather program using information from Yahoo!

26 April 2009

Bảng chữ cái “trên cả tuyệt vời” của Google Earth


bảng chữ cái "trên cả tuyệt vời" của Google Earth



























Trong khi tìm kiếm các ký tự, tác giả đã tìm cờ hát hiện số 250 trên một khu đất gần Heyoo.

Chấm xanh là vị trí các chữ cái
theo dantri


25 April 2009

Blackberry OTA download


amAze: 4.5 - OTA / Web (GPS Navigation, Search, Weather, etc.)
AOL Instant Messenger (RIM): 2.1.44 - OTA/IE Web Install (IM Works on AT&T!)
AutoLock: 0.5 - OTA / Web
AvantGo: 1.0.28 - OTA
Aerize Card Loader 2008: 1.2.0 - Web ($ Install apps to SD Card)
Amazon.com: 1.0.14 - OTA (NOT just a shortcut!)
BBCorrector: 1.2.2 - OTA/Web (Free Online Spell Check)
BBFileScout: 0.6.5 - OTA / Web (File Mgr, Zip, Edit)
BBGPSGolf: 1.0.15 - OTA/Web (Golf w/GPS)
BBLight: 1.95 - OTA/Web (Backlight/Ring-Vibrate)
BBNotePad: 1.1.2 - OTA/Web (Simple Text Editor)
BBWeather: 0.83 - OTA / Desktop / Source (WORKS AGAIN! New Enhancements!)
BeamBerry: 3.0.1 - OTA - Web ($ aka BeamSuite - Doc/PDF view/manage/print)
BeamReader: 1.0.5 - OTA / Web ($ PDF reader)
Beejive: 1.1.1 - OTA/Web (Formerly Jivetalk)
BeFTP: 1.0 - OTA - Web
BenchmarkMagic: 1.5 - OTA
Berry Bloglines: 1.0 - OTA/Web (RSS)
Berry Lookup: 1.0 - OTA - Web (Rev Ph Lookup)
BerryTorch: 1.0 - Web (Use your Berry as a flashlight)
BerryQuery.com: 2.0.0 - OTA (Web Search)
BerrySearch: 0.91 - OTA / Web (Front End for major Search Engines)
BerrySpeedy: 1.44 - OTA / Stats (Test BIS-B, TCP, and Wi-Fi speed)
BerryStore: 0.9.49 (Beta) - OTA/Web (Yet another App Store - but well done!)
BerryTunes: 2.5.14 - OTA ($ MP3/Radio/Podcast Player)
BerryUnitConverter: 1.6 - OTA/Info
Beyond411: 4.20.5 - OTA / Storm OTA / Web (formerly Berry 411 - Search w/GPS)
BlackBerry App World (RIM): - OTA / IE Web Install (RIM's own App Store)
BlackBerry Maps (RIM): 1.2.26 - OTA/IE Web Install - Desktop Install (w/GPS - AT&T? Use Desktop!)
BlackBerry Instant Messaging for IBM(R) Lotus(R) Sametime(R): 1.1.32 & 2.0.25 - WEB
BlackBerry Instant Messaging for Microsoft Office LCS 2005: & 2.0.25 - WEB (Other versions may be available directly from RIM)
BlackBerry Messenger (RIM): 1.0.94 - OTA/IE Web Install (PIN IM - OS 4.0 & 4.1 only)
BlackBerry Profile Switcher: 1.3 - OTA - Web ($)
BlackBerryWiki: 1.0.1 - OTA (Wikipedia Front End)
Blipsocial: 0.766 - OTA/Web (w/GPS)
BlockBerry: 5.6 - OTA / Info (Formerly Tetris. Delete older versions before installing version 5)
Bloomberg: - OTA/Web Info ($ Requires Bloomberg Anywhere subscription)
Bolt Browser: 0.94 - OTA (OTA via email)
BudLightParty08: 0.61 - Web (Party Games - OTA with registration)
BuzzMe: 0.0.34 - OTA / FAQ (Vibrate & Ring at the same time)
CaptureIt: 1.4 - OTA / Web (Screen Capture on BB)
Cellfire: 3.3 - Web (Mobile cupons for your BB - OTA via registration)
CellSpin: 1.3.2 - OTA/Web (Blog poster)
Clock: 0.9.96 - OTA / Web (aka World Clock)
CoinToss: 1.7.1 - OTA/Web (Make a decision!)
CompanionLink for Google: 3.0 - Web ($Sync w/Google Calendar)
Compass: 4.1 - OTA - Web (NOT GPS app)
Cortado Connect for Box.net: 3.10.980.3 - Web (Registration required - access Box.net files & simple fax)
Cortado Save The Weekend: - OTA / Web (Delay outgoing email until business hours)
Countdown Timer: 1.0.6 - OTA/Web
Cram: 1.0 - OTA / Web ($ Scholastic Testing)
Dexrex: 2.0.9 - OTA (SMS archive service)
Digby: 2.0.1 - OTA (Shopping)
Dynoplex Office Products: OTA - Web ($Doc Mgmt, Spell, Off Line File Mgmt)
Earthcomber: 3.0.14 - OTA / Web (Location based search)
EasyButton: 1.05/1.04 - OTA/Web (Storm/Other)
EasyReach: - OTA/Web (Shopping)
eBuddy: 1.0 - OTA - Web (Multinetwork IM)
Empower BES MailBox: - OTA - Web ($ trial available)
Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO: - OTA - Web ($ trial available)
Empower HTML Mail Viewer Standard: - OTA - Web ($ trial available)
Empower InstaSpell: 1.5.421.51 - OTA - Web ($ trial available)
EQO: 1.6.1 - SMS Web Registration / Web (IM NRFPT Free multi-network IM and more)
eTradeMobilePro: 1.1.4 - OTA / Web
Facebook (RIM): - OTA/Web
FeeFinder: 0.3.75 - OTA/Web (Calc Auto Pmt, Mortage, Tips)
FileManagerPro (Beta): - OTA / Web
Financial Times: 1.2.0 - OTA/Web ($ubscription required)
Flickr Uploader (RIM): 1.0.0 - OTA/Web
FlipSide: 1.19 - OTA - Web (Media Player)
FlyCast: 1.34 - OTA / Web (Internet Radio Player)
FMLife 0.6.0 - OTA/Web (See Home)
fotochatter: 0.9.9 - OTA (Quick Download - Code 2402)
FreeRange: 2.2.8 - OTA (RSS)
Future Shop: - OTA/Web (Shopping - Installs RIM's ECOE)
FXConverter: 1.0.12 - OTA/Web (Currency Exchange Rates - does not do conversion)
Games Trivia: 2.2.4 - OTA
GCalSync: 1.1.1 - OTA - Web
GeoTip: 0.0.1 - OTA/Web (Tip Calc)
Gmail: 2.0.6 - OTA
Godiva: 1.8.0 - OTA (For Chocoholics)
Google Maps: 3.0.2 - OTA (w/GPS and Cell Tower Locater, Street Views, Walking & Transit Directions w/NYC Subway!)
Google Mobile App: 3.3.38 - OTA (Search w/Find Me and Voice)
Google Mobile Updater: 2.1.4 - OTA (Sync, Search, Maps, Gmail, News, Reader, Docs, Picasa)
Google Search: 3.0.73 OTA
Google Sync: 0.5.13 - OTA (sync Google Calendar & Address Book)
Google Talk (RIM): 2.1.44 - OTA/Web (IM)
GPSed: 1.0 - OTA / Web (GPS)
GPSLogger: 0.4.2 - OTA/Web (Simple GPS Logger w/ KML and GPX Export)
GridMagic: - OTA / WEB (Free or $ Spreadsheet for BB!)
gWhiz Suite: 0.6.3 - OTA / Web (Click Terms and Conditions Link)
- - - - gCalc!: 0.6.3 (Graphing Calculator - Help)
- - - - gFlash+: 0.6.3 (Flash Cards - Help)
- - - - gRef: 0.6.3 (Reference Tables - Help)
Handango InHand: 3.5.0 - OTA - Web (App Store & Info)
Hebrew in Hand: 2.0 - OTA/Web ($)
Homes For Sale: 2.73 - Web (aka Smarter Agent - Real Estate Search w/GPS)
ICQ (RIM): 2.1.42 - OTA/IE Web Install (IM Works on AT&T!)
IHeartRadio: 1.0.000 - OTA / Web (750+ Radio Stations streamed to your BB!)
IM+: 7.0 - OTA - Web (IM)
InstaGo: 2.0.65 - Web (Free IM - All networks & SMS?)
iStockManager: 0.8.1 - OTA/Web (Mobile trading application for TD AMERITRADE users)
ITookThisOnMyPhone: - OTA / Web
Infospace Findit!: 1.4.0 - OTA (Portal w/GPS)
Inside Xbox: 1.17 - OTA (Zumboi for Xbox)
iSkoot: - Web (OTA with registration - when it works!)
JBenchmark: 1.1.1 - OTA
JBenchmark 2: 2.1.1 - OTA
JBenchmark Net: 1.0.4 - OTA
JBenchmark Pro: 1.0.18 - Web (Create custom Benchmark)
JConverter: 1.0.3 - Web (Free Unit Conversion)
JiveSlide: 0.964.1 - OTA (Pics)
JiveTalk: 1.0.5 - OTA (IM w/File Xfer)
JiveTalk Preview: 1.0.1 - OTA (IM w/File Xfer)
Jott: 1.1 - OTA / Web (Voice reply to email!)
KGB: 0.1.599 - OTA / Web (Search Engine. KGB = Knowledge Generation Bureau)
LexSpell: 2.1 - OTA (Nagware Offline spellchecker)
Live Search Beta: 2.0.3048.13898 - OTA (MS w/GPS)
LogicMail: 1.0.1 - OTA - Web (don't get the point, but...)
MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta: 1.8.1 - OTA / Web (Free - with My Places)
MaraTick: 1.1.5 - OTA/Web (Simple Lists - very nice!)
Market Explorer: 1.0.6 - OTA - Web (Stock Quotes, Charts, etc.)
Maufait: 1.0.8 - OTA (Portal)
MaxMem: 0.4 - OTA (Remove unneeded modules like PTT)
MemoryUp: 2.50 - OTA/Web (Trial=Quick Boost Only/$)
MicroSky: 3.1.2 - OTA (Mobile Planetarium)
MidpSSH: 1.7.3 - OTA - Web (SSH Client)
MiniMoni: 1.01.03 - OTA / Web (Traffic Monitor)
MindBerry: 1.0.91 - OTA/Web (Map Out Your Thoughts)
MissingLight: 1.0.1 - OTA/Web ($ Purple LED for missed calls)
MLBTracker: 0.85 - OTA/Web (Track your team)
Mobile Dead: - OTA/Web (MMTR Game)
Mobile File Manager: 2.5.36 - OTA / Web
Mobipocket Reader: - OTA (Free eBook reader - $ for Books)
Mortgage Calc: 3.0.1 - OTA/Web
mundu IM: 4.0.5 - Web ($11 Lifetime!)
MSN Messenger (RIM): 1.0.16 - OTA/IE Web Loader
MyAlarm: 2007.07.04 - Web
MyGirls: 1.0.0 - OTA (Quick Download - Code 57)
MySpace (RIM): - OTA/IE Web Loader
NeoReader: 1.01.1 - OTA (Camera devices only!)
Newsgator Go!: 2.2.7 - OTA - Web (RSS)
Nobex Radio Companion: - OTA / Web (Internet Radio player / Info)
nuTsie: 0.9.8 - Web ($ Stream Playlists)
OntoCalendar: 3.4.1 (beta 3.7.18) - OTA/Web (Create appt from email - also Beta 3.5.5)
Opera Mini 3: 3.1.2 - OTA
Opera Mini 4: 4.0 - OTA/Web
Opera Mini 4.1 Beta: 4.1 - Web
Pageonce: 2.0 - OTA / Web ( $$$ Consolidate your online life!)
Palringo: 0.79 - OTA / Web (IM NRFPT)
Pandora: 1.01 - OTA/Web
Pinger: 2.0 - Web (Voice@SMS - use Web link to get OTA)
PinStack IRC: 1.01 - OTA - Web
Pocket Express: 4.27.14 - OTA - Web (Portal)
Pongr: 0.6 - OTA / Web (Find lowest product price)
Poynt: - OTA / Web (aka MyPoynt)
QSMS: 0.1 - OTA / Web (Press 'Q' to Compose SMS)
QuickPull: 1.2.0 - Web (Reboots your BlackBerry)
QuickPull (BETA): 2.0.13 - Web (Reboots your BlackBerry)
Ramble: - OTA (AIM IM)
ReplyAllSMS: 1.98 - OTA / Web (aka 3Jam - threaded SMS and more)
reQall: 1.0.004 - OTA / Info (Reminders on steroids)
RideCharge: 5.3.36 - OTA/Web (Book/Pay Cab/Car Service from BB)
SameCell: 2.04 - OTA / Web (Search by Cell Location NRFPT)
SignalLoc: 1.0.1002 - OTA/Web (Cell Tower Locater)
ShoZu: 3.1.34 / 3.1.29 - OTA / Web (Yet another "social" / IM Network - Curve & Pearl only)
ShrinkIt: 1.0 - OTA / Web (Resize pics on your BB)
Skip: 1.2.0 - OTA (Travel)
Slacker Mobile for BlackBerry: 1.1.23 - OTA/Web (Radio)
Slifter: 1.8.0 - OTA / Web (Localized shopping search)
SMS2Desk: - OTA / Web (SMS <-> Email)
Soft Reset: 0.2 - OTA/Web
Speedtest: 0.1.81 - OTA/Web
Spot: 1.4.1 - OTA (GPS)
SpotJots: 1.01.00 - OTA / Web (w/GPS)
Stock Quote Viewer: 2.7 - OTA/Web
StockQuote: 2.3 - OTA (formerly Market Filters - Stock Analysys)
Sunclock: 1.03.26 - OTA/Web (World display of day/night)
SyncJe: 2.43 - OTA - Web (PIM Sync $)
TagReaderBB: 2.1.71 - OTA / Web (Microsoft Tag Reader)
Tellme: 1.69.5 - OTA / Web
TheStreet.com: - OTA / Info
TinyTwitter: 2.2.9 - OTA / Web (Twitter IM Client)
TipBuddy: 1.0 - Web
Tip Master 2: 1.0.1 - OTA/Web
Traffic Cam: 2.12 (Varies?) - OTA Link via SMS (Live Traffice Web Cams on your BB - 10 Cities)
Trapster: 3.1.0 - OTA / Web (Speed Trap Detector)
TVGuide: 2.0.0 - OTA/Web-SMS
TwitterBerry: 0.8 - OTA (Twitter IM Client)
txtForward: - OTA / Web ($ Forwards incoming SMS messages to email address)
Twibble: 0.8.7 - OTA / Web (A location aware Twitter client)
TypePad: 1.0.34 - OTA/Web ($Blogging)
Umundo: 1.06 - OTA / Web (Multimedia Chat Add-In)
Unit Converter: 1.2.2 - OTA / Web / Wap (GetJar 5229)
Upvise: 2.1 - OTA / Web (Sync Web Contacts, Notes, RSS, Lists, Wiki, anything? with BB)
Visible Vote (OS 4.6+): 1.0 - OTA / Info (Great Political App!)
Visible Vote (Pre 4.6 OS): 1.0 - OTA / Info (Great Political App!)
Viigo: 2.2.82 - OTA - Web (RSS)
Viigo Project Tango Public Beta: 3.0.892 - OTA / Web (RSS Plus...)
VyMail: - OTA / Web (For YouMail)
(BlackBerry) Wallet (RIM): - OTA/Web
Weather: 1.01.18 - OTA/Web (yet another weather app)
WeatherBug Direct: - OTA - Web
WeatherEye: - OTA - Web - WAP (from The Weather Network)
WebMessenger: 2.7.0415 - Web (IM All Networks)
Web Shortcuts: 2.1.2 - OTA - Info
Where: 2.1 - OTA/Web (GPS Search NRFPT)
Whereboutz: 1.0.11 - OTA / Web
Whrrl: 7.0 - OTA / Web (NRFPT)
Windows Live Messenger: 2.1.44 - OTA/IE Web Install (IM Works on AT&T!)
wIPzard: 1.0 - OTA/Web (IP Calculator)
Wireless18: 2.4.13 - OTA / Web (Free. Registration required)
WorldMap: 1.1 - OTA / Web (Offline Political Map of the World)
WorldMate Live: 2.6.12 - OTA - Web (Itinerary)
WSJMobileReader: 1.1.4 - OTA (FreeRange News Reader for WSJ)
XBerry Live!: 5.5 - OTA / Web (Keep tabs on your XBox Live Buddies)
xPlayer: 1.0.1 - OTA / Web (Media Player)
xTemplate: - OTA / Web (Email Templates)
Yahoo! Go: 2.0.69 - OTA (Portal w/GPS)
Yahoo! Go: 3.0.47 - OTA - Web (Portal w/GPS)
Yahoo! Messenger (RIM): 2.1.44 - OTA/IE Web Install (IM Works on AT&T!)
Yahoo! oneSearch: 1.1.9879 - OTAWeb-SMS (Voice Search)
YellowPages.com Mobile: 1.0.6 - OTA - Web - WAP (Business Search)
YouAreHere: 0.9.0 - OTA/Web (Add GPS Location to Sig)
YouMail: 0.93.16 - OTA / Web (NRFPT)
YWeather: 0.4.1 - OTA/Web
Zagat: 5.1.1 - OTA / Web ($ - Registration required)
ZINK Mobile Extras: n/a - Web (Photo editing by email!?)
Zumobi: 1.0 - OTA / Web (RSS and more NRFPT)
- - - - Special Lenovo/Olympic Version: 1.0 - OTA
ABCNews: 1.0 - OTA/WAP / Web
Bank of America: 4.2.2 - OTA / WAP / Web
BBerryOne: 0.6 - Web (Portal to WAP sites)
BlueRoom Solution: 1.0 - OTA
Buzzd: 1.1.1 (Local partying)
CalorieCountFoodSearch: 1.0 - OTA (to Calorie Counter Database WAP site below)
CBS News Mobile: 4.2 - OTA
CNBC: 1.1.42 - OTA / Wap
CNN: 1.42.1 - OTA / WAP
CNNMoney.com: 1.42.2 - OTA
ESPN Mobile Web: 1.2 - OTA
Fox Mobile: 1.0 - OTA
GetJar Apps: 1.1.0 - OTA / Web (Quick Download 33105)
MLB Icon: 1.0 - OTA (For Individual Teams too!)
New York Times: 1.0 - OTA
PinStack Launcher: 3.1 - OTA
SI (Sports Illustrated): 1.42.0 - OTA
TPLaunch: 0.0 - OTA (NYC Subway Trip Planner)
USA Today: 1.36.1 - OTA / Wap
Wall Street Journal: 1.0 - OTA

WAP Sites
B4U Drink (Blood Alcohol Level Estimator)
BlackBerry Sports Line (Sports Betting Ods)
Boston MBTA
CAT Scale Mobile (Truck Scale Locator)
Calorie Counter Database (from About.com)
CBS Mobile News
CNN Mobile
CNN Mobile (High Res - Homescreen shortcut available)
Domino's Pizza (requires registration at Web site)
Drinknation.com (Mixology)
eVite (Mobile eVite)
FBI Most Wanted Lists
Fidelity Investments (Shortcut icon available)

GetJar (Tons of programs - Web - Quick Download)
Google WAP
(WAP Services Home Page)
Gym Technik (WEB and WAP - Track your workout NRFPT)
KeyToss (Customizable Wap Portal)
HopStop (Register on WEB site and build Address Book)
iKidz.mobi (Kid Friendly stuff)
KGB (Search Engine. KGB = Knowledge Generation Bureau)
Los Angeles MTA
Linux Journal
Mixology.mobi (Mixology)
Mobile Train Schedule (LIRR, New Jersey Transit, Metro North only)
nciku mobile (Chinese-English Mobile Dictionary/Translation)
New Jersey Transit
New York Times
NY MTA (Regional Rail Info)
Phoenix AZ Valley Metro
PicoWiki (Create a Mobile Wiki)
QuickBooks (Online for the BlackBerry)
Slifter (Localized shopping search)
Tokyo & Japan Train Schedules
Trip Planner (NYC Subway)
Usablenet Mobile (Portal to WAP sites)
WaMu Mobile banking
Washington DC MTA
Weight Watchers Mobile
Yahoo! Fantasy Football
vuclip.com (view and save Videos from the web)

BlackBerry Mobile Site (RIM)
BlackBerry Free Games (RIM)
BlackBerry Instant Messaging (RIM - Scans your BB to get all IM clients available)
BlackBerry Push Services (RIM)
BlackBerry Solutions Catalog (RIM)

BlackBerry Support Community Forums (RIM's!)