14 July 2009

[OST] Tây du ký 1986 (Full 41 bài)

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01. 序曲 (Overture).rm
02. 欢聚花果山 (Carnivals Huaguoshan).rm
03. 快乐的花果山 (Happy Huaguoshan).rm
04. 生无名本无姓 (Health is no surname unknown).rm
05. 练武曲 (Qu practice martial arts).rm
06. 逍遥自在的孙大圣 (Armchair ride saintly Sun).rm
07. 官封弼马瘟 (Official closure Bute horse sickness).rm
08. 大闹蟠桃会 (Creates a flat peach will).rm
09. 刚进灵宵殿 (At first, Ling Xiao Dian).rm
10. 安天会完整版 (An incomplete version of days).rm
11. 安天会剧场版 (On days of disaster).rm
12. 王母 (Queen Mother).rm
13. 被贬五行山 (Hill was banished to the elements).rm
14. 五百年桑田沧海 (500 years of the land to sea).rm
15. 水 (Water).rm
16. 忆 (Memories).rm
17. 江流儿 (A Report Abuse).rm
18. 放生(认母) (Release (considered surrogacy)).rm
19. 送别 (Farewell).rm
20. 走啊走 (Leaving walk).rm
21. 风雨行路难 (Rain difficulties in traveling).rm
22. 剑舞 (Sword Dance).rm
23. 晴空月儿明 (On a sunny day for children).rm
24. 八戒之歌 (Journey song).rm
25. 猪八戒背媳妇 (Zhu Bajie daughter-in-law back).rm
26. 观音曲 (Qu Guanyin ).rm
27. 天府乐 (Tianfu music).rm
28. 西游记贺新春 (Journey to the West to greet New Year).rm
29. 打猎 (Hunting).rm
30. 初到女儿国 (Beginning daughter States).rm
31. 女儿情 (Daughter intelligence).rm
32. 何必西天万里游 (Why travel thousands of miles West).rm
33. 鸳鸯梦 (Yuanyang dream).rm
34. 吹不散这点点愁 (Blown away that little bit unhappy).rm
35. 无底船歌 (Boat Song without end).rm
36. 天竺少女 (Holly girls).rm
37. 相见难别亦难 (Between the hard Bieyinan).rm
38. 青青菩提树 (Qingqing pipal).rm
39. 取经归来 (Return pilgrimage).rm
40. 敢问路在何方 (Where to go).rm
41. 嫦娥 (Change).rm

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